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Industrial Facilities Construction

As experienced industrial contractors, we know your industrial facility must handle the high-demand of production. APP delivers a beginning to end construction service for all of our industrial clients. Working with you, our team will help promote logistical, operations, and energy efficiencies using our unique design and construction approach. Through our years of experience in the industrial industry, we understand the high-stress environment of the business, the need for industrial emergency services, as well as what you need to become a leading producer and distributor. Let our team handle construction so you can focus on what you do best.

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Our Industrial Construction Process

Industrial building construction is unlike any other type of construction. Your project deserves a one-of-a-kind touch to accommodate your needs. Our team-oriented industrial construction approach brings collaboration and innovation into the regular construction routine. Working together with our team of project managers, project engineers, field supervision, and construction field personnel combine engineering and construction for a capable facility that can meet the specific demands of industrial use.

Since APP is a self-performing contractor, we will handle the bulk of the work and ultimately achieve a streamlined piece of work. Our services include structural steel erection, heavy civil work, underground piping installation, concrete, reclamation & demolition, and more. From the moment you sign us onto your project, we will evaluate the needs of your structure and design a plan that matches your specifications.

Industrial Construction Services

APP specializes in providing industrial construction services to a variety of industrial manufacturers, warehouses, processing plants, and more.

Industrial Facility Construction Experience:

• Design & Construction of Full-Scale Manufacturing Lines

• Multi-Functional Warehouse Construction

• Heavy Machinery Installation

• New Processing Line Design & Installation

• Conveying System Installation

• Complete Manufacturing Plant Renovations

• Building Erection/ Building Add-Ons

• Structural Erection

• Civil, Structural, and Architectural Services

Why an Experienced Industrial Contractor Matters?

Industrial construction involves more than just a simple building design but a creative approach. If you want to maximize efficiency, you need a team that can develop design strategies to achieve streamlined operations, energy savings, and rapid project delivery. Fortunately, our team looks at every side of our design and construction techniques to customize your project to perfection. Our teams identify efficiencies, savings, and solutions to potential problems at project onset so that your facility supports your business for a long time to come.

Not only does APP take our customer’s scope from concept to completion, but we also ensure the highest quality artistry, timely completion, and budgetary compliance. Our team will get involved in the early stages, allowing us to guide the constructability of the project. We will take the lead on the project and work our engineering partners to provide the client with a complete turnkey project.

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We are equipped to perform your challenging large and small projects.

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